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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

These were my most favorite ones. The whole post was just way too beautiful not to share. So much love exuded here. I truly felt this. But, I think we all needed to read this right now. Y'all, just go read this. The whole thing. Thank you,

Nothing like it.

"the understanding of struggle..."


"their energy..." our energy.

"her nurturing soul." "she is life..."

"So perfect and authentic"

Yes, Sir

"Y'all really are the best creation God has made..."

Our "morals, goals, knowledge"

Black men don't play about us.


We love y'all, too

"They manifest even the smallest things..."


Listen. Shut down a whole room with our presence. Okay?

"inside and out"

How y'all got straight poetic about us in this thread brought tears to my eyes. I love y'all.

"God's greatest creation"


"...nothing more precious and beautiful than a Black woman"

"our shared connection"

full of power and confidence

This man said "more faith than a beach got sand", y'all. Lol. "da real life support"


And, excuse the language, but, the best one...

The man said everything, ok?

Share share share.

Black Women were also asked what they love about Black Men and I think you should check it out and share!

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